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Small Change for Stuart by Lissa Evans


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Reviewer: Author Cid
Ages: Y5, Y6       Genres: Fantasy, Adventure & Action

This is a great story! Very readable. Stuart moves house with his parents to Beeton at the start of the school holidays. A link with the past provided by his dad’s money tin tells him that his great Uncle was a magician. Stuart follows a series of clues which lead him on a brilliant journey to mysterious prize. There are triplets next door who provide humour by chasing him around trying and photographing for an article in their newspaper. His dad is good fun. His job is to devise crosswords and he uses very, very complicated language in everyday speech which is quite comical. The story is fast moving, lots of mystery and Stuart is in a race against time because there is another interested party who wants to get to the prize first. Lots of humour - loved it.