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Picture of Cid and Mo

The Clumsies Make A Mess (Book 1) by Sorrel Anderson


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Very funny...and a little bit strange!
Reviewer: Author Cid
Ages: Y1, Y2, Y3       Genres: Humour, Character & Series, Animal

Purvis and Mickey Thompson are two mice who live under Howard’s desk and are obsessed with biscuits! They are always playing games and are usually up to mischief. They are desperate to help Howard get out of trouble with his evil boss but cause trouble on the way! Ortrud the baby elephant joins them during story 1 and helps out in story 2 when Howard's dog doesn't want to take part in 'The dog with the waggiest tail' competition. The mice decide that Ortrud the Elephant hidden under a box with cut out holes for eyes, will pass for a dog... Children will love the silliness of this series! Part of a series of 6 books. (Age 6+)