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Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan


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Reviewer: Author Cid
Ages: Y6       Genres: Adventure & Action, Character & Series, Horror

Please read this book first before you decide to read it to your class. A teacher recommended it to me and said his Year 6 boys were gripped – I can see why! Fast moving and scary. Darren and his friend Steve visit a secret Freak Show. It turns out to be a visit that will change their lives forever. Mr Crepsly is part of the Freak show and has a special spider called Madame Octa. Darren, in his wisdom, decides to steal the spider only for it to bite his friend, Steve. Mr Crepsly can save him…at a price. If you want to motivate boys to read, this is the book. There are ten in the series. I’ve already bought book two because I want to know what happens next!