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One Boy and His Dog by Eva Ibbotson


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Reviewer: Author Cid
Ages: Y5       Genres: Humour, Adventure & Action

Hal is the boy with ‘everything’ but all he wants is a dog. His mother is too house proud to entertain the idea and his father is always away on business. They decide to ‘hire’ a dog for the weekend in the hope that Hal will become bored with it – they couldn’t be more wrong. When Fleck, the dog, is returned to ‘Easy Pets’ Hal decides to break the dog out. What follows is a wonderful story about the journey involving Hal, a girl from the pet shop and a selection of dogs that have escaped. It is heart-warming, funny, tense and always exciting. Lots of cliff-hangers. Great characters, strong friendships, very uplifting. Would thoroughly recommend.