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Reading for Pleasure

Promoting Reading For Pleasure can have a major impact on children. Their future benefits include:
  • Reading attainment and writing ability
  • Text comprehension and grammar
  • Breadth of vocabulary
  • Positive reading attitudes
Clark and Rumbold 2006



Short-term Outcome

Long-term Outcome

Reading is fun

Read more
Improved reading and literacy skills
Improved chances
of success

Reading is not fun

Read less

Poor reading and literacy skills
Limited life chances,
increased possibility
of poor health and
involvement in crime
The Department of Education states that

"Reading for pleasure is a more important determinant of a child's future success than their family's socio-economic status"

Dept. of Education 2012

How can we 'make' children read for pleasure?


We can't! But we can inspire children to read.

Reading Allowed Project

The Reading Allowed Project embraces the power of reading aloud to inspire children to develop a positive attitude to reading and motivate them to Read For Pleasure.

Triggers Pleasure Response

Child is conditioned to associate reading with pleasure

Increased motivation to read

The Reading Allowed Project is simple, effective and based on sound research. It can be incorporated into any school curriculum and meets current Ofsted requirements.