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Picture of Cid and Mo


Ofsted's document, Moving English Forward, recommends that all schools should:
"develop policies to promote reading for enjoyment throughout school" Ofsted 2012
Reading for Pleasure has been defined by the National Literacy Trust as:
"...reading that we do of our own free will, anticipating the satisfaction that we will get from the act of reading" Clark and Rumbold
National Literacy 2006
The Reading Allowed Project is a whole school approach that inspires children to choose to read for fun
All schools should develop policies to promote reading for enjoyment throughout the school
Promotes reading for pleasure throughout school and offers guidance for developing a Reading for Pleasure policy
The loss of once popular and effective strategies such as reading stories... and the sharing of complete novels with junior age children
Creates a programme of reading aloud ensuring children regularly listen to complete novels
Many primary teachers have a limited understanding of the world of literature, including good quality contemporary literature
Cid and Mo are experienced and knowledgeable children's authors and will advise staff about suitable fiction
A successful approach employed in some schools has been to appoint a reading advocate or coordinator
Will train a member of staff to become the Reading Allowed Coordinator. Their role will include the promotion of reading for pleasure in school and to develop their own knowledge of children's literature. The project will encourage them to network with other reading coordinators for advice and support